Welcome Baby Cayden! | Toronto Fresh 48 Photographer

Oh you guys! Fresh 48 sessions are my FAVOURITE!  They're just so beautiful and real and as the parent you're in such a crazy whirlwind of emotions and exhaustion (and hormones!) that your time in-hospital just feels like a blur.  It feels so important to me to capture those memories for new parents, so they can go back and re-live those first moments that changed your life forever.  Helen and Glendon, who you may remember from their maternity session, welcomed their perfect little baby boy, Cayden, at the end of March.  He was so so adorable, and I think I smiled at my monitor the entire time I was editing this beautiful new family!  Less than 24 hours in, and Glendon was already proving himself to be a wonderful, doting dad (and already swaddled like a seasoned pro), all the while taking excellent care of Helen as she recovered.  It was an honour to capture these precious memories for such a kind and genuine family and I look forward to seeing sweet Cayden grow and continue to bring his parents joy!

1 day old baby boy sleeping swaddled in hospital bassinet - Stouffville Fresh 48 photography
new mother holding sleeping 1 day old baby son to chest, swaddled in hospital blanket - Markham Fresh 48 Photography