Margaret and Wes | Toronto Maternity Photographer

From our very first emails I knew Margaret and I were going to be fast friends!  She said that she could feel the love between the families in my photos, and wanted me to capture the love in her family as well.  What beautiful words for me to hear!  Margaret and Wes made this so easy for me, you'll see in the photos below that they just exude love for one another and for their baby girl who is set to make her appearance this month.  We did a mix of indoor and outdoor shots, and Margaret was such a trooper hiking around outside, which isn't easy when you're in your third trimester (at least from what I hear, I did no hiking in my third trimester, or in any trimester for that matter)!  I left our session relaxed, refreshed and feeling like I had just spent an evening with good friends.  What more can you ask for from a session?!  Margaret and Wes, I can't wait to capture your sweet baby girl when she finally arrives!

pregnant mom to be holding baby belly and looking at camera - Stouffville Lifestyle Photography
husband embraces pregnant wife, kisses her shoulder - Markham Lifestyle Photography