Project 366 | October

Phew! I wasn't sure this post was going to make it up, because I was SO inconsistent with my daily shooting this month.  But when I started this project I told myself that if I missed a day I just had to fill it in with another photo, even though it was taken on another day in that month.  Otherwise I'm not sure I would have taken on such a huge need to give yourself a little grace sometimes!  October brought the cold weather and a couple of colds with it.  Poor Levi got a nasty viral rash from one of them (featured in many photos below!).  It was super itchy and we had to smother him in calamine lotion.  Luckily it wasn't chicken pox and not contagious, so the worst thing that came of it were a few dirty looks when I took him out in public.  For Thanksgiving we went up to the cottage and enjoyed four days with family.  This month we also celebrated Levi's first birthday with our families and he took his first steps (at his grandparents while we were out at a wedding, of course)! We had some fun dressing Levi up for Halloween...he was the cutest little lion and really enjoyed trick-or-treating to our next door neighbour's house, as you can see! Now we are just counting down the days until we can put up our Christmas tree :)