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Spring 2017 | Toronto Family Photographer

It's been quite a while since I've posted any personal photos, so here is a little glimpse into our spring!  I haven't felt super motivated to shoot in our home since finishing my 365 in February, but I think the warm weather and spending time outdoors is bringing that desire back to me.  Watching Levi discover all the things the outdoor life has to offer has been a lot of fun, and has also had the added benefit of exhausting him so we are getting some good naps these days!  Also all this humidity is making his curls just amazing!  This spring we celebrated our second Father's and Mother's Days, took Levi bowling for the first time, spent the long weekend at the cottage and (one of us) started falling asleep in strange places.  One of my goals this summer is to learn to do video on my big camera, so stay tuned for some super amateur vides of Levi ;)

Project 366 | January and a little February

Here you have it folks! The last few weeks of my Project 366.  I kind of stuttered through the last month, rather than finishing strong, but such is life, and I'm still proud that I completed it! I'm not sure what I'll do now.  I like the feeling of not having to force myself to come up with a new idea every day, so I am going to enjoy shooting our life only when I feel inspired for a little while.  I'm thinking that I may do another daily shooting project for the 100 days of summer, but we shall see!  To any who have cared enough to follow along, thank you! I enjoy sharing my work and have seen so much growth in my art over the past 12 months.  Now please brace yourselves...there is a lot of Levi happening in this post!

Project 365 - Newmarket lifestyle photography
Project 365 - Newmarket lifestyle photography
Project 366 | December

December is always an exciting month.  The Christmas tree goes up, a tub (or two, or three) of candy cane ice cream makes its way into the freezer, we celebrate birthdays, wrap up presents and get to spend many days cherishing time with family.  This December was extra exciting though because my baby sister got engaged to an amazing guy just before Christmas, and I can finally officially say that our family has the best siblings-in-law. That's right, be jealous. The Christmas festivities themselves were a little crazy with a toddler (remember how he was just a little immobile blob last year?!) but Levi loved all the attention and we are thankful to all the uncles, aunts and grandparents and others who helped keep him out of trouble. I hope that your holidays were both fun and restful and that your New Year is off to the best start!

two women with birthday cake - markham lifestyle photography
1 year old baby boy wearing parka and red hat standing in doorway - uxbridge child photographs
Project 366 | November

Oh November.  We have a bit of a love/hate relationship.  Actually, it used to be just hate until Levi was born last November.  But this year we saw our little man turn one.  It’s hard to believe!  Peter and I are enjoying discovering more about his little personality and it is pretty wild how quickly he is learning new things.  We had a couple of dicey weeks with his molars coming in and I felt like I was going to lose my mind once or twice, but I am lucky to have the best mother-in-law who took Levi off my hands for a few afternoons so I could regroup (also my mom will want me to mention that she was off saving lives in Ghana otherwise she would have helped me too)! I think we have one more 1-year molar to go and then I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we’ll be done with teething for a while!  Anyhow, I am marching along with the project and I think making it through this month was a victory.  Hoping I can blaze through Christmas and then January and finish strong!

1 year old toddler boy playing with toys on bed - Newmarket child photography
Father and 1 year old baby boy playing in bedroom at night - York Region documentary photography
Photo prints and wood USB packaging with twine and personal note - Stouffville newborn photography
1 year old baby boy wearing red sweater sitting in pile of fall leaves at sunset - Markham child photos
1 year old toddler boy eating snack in carseat - Stouffville child photography
1 year old baby boy in highchair watching father in kitchen - Uxbridge Lifestyle photography
1 year old toddler boy sitting on floor playing with fan - Newmarket child photograph
steaming cup of coffee on kitchen counter - Stouffville lifestyle photography
1 year old toddler boy looking into refrigerator in the dark - Markham in-home photography
1 year old baby boy looking out window at sunset - Uxbridge child photograp
groom's hand with wedding ring on bride's waist - Newmarket photography
1 year old toddler boy being held my redhead woman - Markham in-home photographer
1 year old baby boy sitting on bed - stouffville child photos
Dark grey couch in living room at sunset - Stouffville in-home photography
Muskoka roastery maple coffee pods in box - uxbridge lifestyle photos
1 year old toddler boy with pen on couch - Newmarket child photography
1 year old baby boy sitting in wooden box beside couch - Stouffville child photography
moody sunset behind house through dew drops on window - Newmarket in-home photography
1 year old toddler boy eating yogurt with spoon on couch with father - Stouffville child photography
photo of book on cream knit blanket with mug of coffee - markham lifestyle photo
1 year old baby boy playing with little tikes yellow school bus under table in pyjamas - Uxbridge child photography
1 year old toddler boy sitting on dad's lap with book - Newmarket in-home photos
1 year old toddler boy in red shirt looking out window with grandma - Stouffville child photography
homemade chocolate chip cookies in kraft box with chalk tag client gifts - markham newborn photographs
newborn baby girl asleep with hands crossed - uxbridge baby photos
1 year old baby boy in high chair with foot on tray - Newmarket lifestyle photography
newborn baby girl toes in swaddle on white bed - stouffville baby photography
buffalo grazing on hill through fence - uxbridge photography
Project 366 | October

Phew! I wasn't sure this post was going to make it up, because I was SO inconsistent with my daily shooting this month.  But when I started this project I told myself that if I missed a day I just had to fill it in with another photo, even though it was taken on another day in that month.  Otherwise I'm not sure I would have taken on such a huge need to give yourself a little grace sometimes!  October brought the cold weather and a couple of colds with it.  Poor Levi got a nasty viral rash from one of them (featured in many photos below!).  It was super itchy and we had to smother him in calamine lotion.  Luckily it wasn't chicken pox and not contagious, so the worst thing that came of it were a few dirty looks when I took him out in public.  For Thanksgiving we went up to the cottage and enjoyed four days with family.  This month we also celebrated Levi's first birthday with our families and he took his first steps (at his grandparents while we were out at a wedding, of course)! We had some fun dressing Levi up for Halloween...he was the cutest little lion and really enjoyed trick-or-treating to our next door neighbour's house, as you can see! Now we are just counting down the days until we can put up our Christmas tree :)

Project 366 | September

September was a fun month for our little family.  We got to enjoy a wonderful long weekend at the cottage, celebrated my husband's 29th birthday, enjoyed our first trip to the Stouffville Food Truck Frenzy (check it out next summer if you missed it!), celebrated a good friend's upcoming wedding by throwing her a bridal shower and I got to shoot my first two Fresh 48 sessions! Oh and there was a pretty awesome harvest moon and some beautiful sunsets thrown in there. September is also one of my favourite months because it brings the cooler weather...this past summer was WAY too hot for my taste and I welcomed the cooler days with open arms!

Toronto Newmarket York Region Family Photographer
Project 366 | August


August 1st

August 4th

August 2nd

August 3rd

August 5th

August 6th

August 7th

August 8th

August 10th

August 9th

August 11th

August 12th

August 17th

August 13th

August 14th

August 15th

August 16th

August 18th

August 19th

August 20th

August 21st

August 22nd

August 23rd

August 24th

August 25th

August 26th

August 27th

August 28th

August 29th

August 30th

August 31st

Project 366 | May 24 - 30


May 24th - I got to catch up with a wonderful friend over dinner after not seeing her for almost a year...SO glad to have her back in Canada!

May 25th - My pretty hydrangeas.

May 27th - I thought the light in our bedroom was crappy, but it turns out I may just love it!

May 26th - So thankful for my mom who comes over to snuggle my baby AND helps me clean out my fridge!

May 28th - Nothing like a Saturday morning. 

May 29tb - First try at the sippy cup...not sure it was too successful.

May 30th - Lounging.

May 31st - He just loves sleeping in the big bed!

During this project I am participating in a blog circle with a several other incredibly talented photographers.  Check out Channon's beautiful work this week!

Project 366 | May 17 - 23


May 17th - Hooray for finding new toys in the closet!

May 18th - I had the pleasure of coming back to the summer camp my husband and I worked at as teenagers, this time to photograph an engagement.  My first time back in 7 years!

May 19th - I think this one speaks for itself.

May 20th - Four generations of Simpson men (and Maggie).

May 21st - First time down at the water with Uncle Stephen.  

May 22nd - Thankful for a sister-in-law who takes me to the prettiest places, just to take pictures!

May 23rd - How you could not love that face?!

Project 366 | May 10 - 16


May 10th - Experimenting with some hard light.

May 11th - Giving mom his tough face!

May 12th - Our first BBQ of the season! 

May 13th - That sweet little belly :)

May 14th - A tub of Kawartha Dairy Moosetracks doesn't last very long in this house!

May 15th - This poor boy is teething like crazy and sick.  Not a fun combo, but it's turned this wiggly boy into a little cuddler, which is kind of nice!

May 16th - Maybe I should have checked the weather before I planned to BBQ for dinner...oops!

During this project I am participating in a blog circle with a several other incredibly talented photographers.  Check out Aamie's beautiful work this week!

Project 366 | May 3 - 9


May 3rd - Now that his feet can actually reach the ground this has become a new favourite toy!

May 8th - Thankful to be this little guy's mom.  Our first Mother's Day photo.

May 4th - Playing around with some beautiful light at Meg's house!

May 5th - Up to no good.

May 6th - Levi and Maggie learning to sit peacefully on the same couch...thankfully Nana and Grandpa (and a bag of treats) were there to referee. 

May 7th - I don't think this one needs a caption :)

May 9th - Finally growing some hair on this giant head!

During this project I am participating in a blog circle with a several other incredibly talented photographers.  Check out Aamie's beautiful work this week!

Project 366 | April 26 - May 2


April 26th - These wild blueberries are a staple in our freezer...can't make a smoothie without them!

April 27th - We got to spend the morning with my lovely friend Meg and her daughter exploring a local greenhouse and chatting over coffee.  Not a bad way to start a Wednesday!

April 28th - The cutest little bath toys from Nana.

April 29th - Making friends with his stuffies.

April 30th - The latest face.

May 1st - Chomping away.

May 2nd - Big thanks to my mom for watering this poor little plant every time she comes over. Otherwise he would be long dead.

During this project I am participating in a blog circle with a several other incredibly talented photographers.  Check out Beth Ann's beautiful work this week!

Project 366 | April 19 - 25


March 19th - Working on our self portrait game.

March 23rd - Both of us weren't feeling well this weekend, so we spent half of Saturday lounging around in bed :)

March 20th - Trying to avoid getting his 5 month picture taken.  Lucky for me he can't get too far!

March 21st - Giving Dad a few Excel tips.

March 22nd - My mom's puppy Mindy...I have been trying forever to get a picture of her but she is terrified of my camera.  She humoured me when we were over for a visit on Friday though!

March 24th - When I was growing up grilled cheese and tomato soup was the classic Sunday afternoon meal. This Sunday seemed like a good day to bring that tradition back!

March 25th - When did my teeny tiny baby get so big?!

During this project I am participating in a blog circle with a several other incredibly talented photographers.  Check out Channon's beautiful work this week!