Project 366 | April 19 - 25


March 19th - Working on our self portrait game.

March 23rd - Both of us weren't feeling well this weekend, so we spent half of Saturday lounging around in bed :)

March 20th - Trying to avoid getting his 5 month picture taken.  Lucky for me he can't get too far!

March 21st - Giving Dad a few Excel tips.

March 22nd - My mom's puppy Mindy...I have been trying forever to get a picture of her but she is terrified of my camera.  She humoured me when we were over for a visit on Friday though!

March 24th - When I was growing up grilled cheese and tomato soup was the classic Sunday afternoon meal. This Sunday seemed like a good day to bring that tradition back!

March 25th - When did my teeny tiny baby get so big?!

During this project I am participating in a blog circle with a several other incredibly talented photographers.  Check out Channon's beautiful work this week!