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Spring 2017 | Toronto Family Photographer

It's been quite a while since I've posted any personal photos, so here is a little glimpse into our spring!  I haven't felt super motivated to shoot in our home since finishing my 365 in February, but I think the warm weather and spending time outdoors is bringing that desire back to me.  Watching Levi discover all the things the outdoor life has to offer has been a lot of fun, and has also had the added benefit of exhausting him so we are getting some good naps these days!  Also all this humidity is making his curls just amazing!  This spring we celebrated our second Father's and Mother's Days, took Levi bowling for the first time, spent the long weekend at the cottage and (one of us) started falling asleep in strange places.  One of my goals this summer is to learn to do video on my big camera, so stay tuned for some super amateur vides of Levi ;)

Project 366 | December

December is always an exciting month.  The Christmas tree goes up, a tub (or two, or three) of candy cane ice cream makes its way into the freezer, we celebrate birthdays, wrap up presents and get to spend many days cherishing time with family.  This December was extra exciting though because my baby sister got engaged to an amazing guy just before Christmas, and I can finally officially say that our family has the best siblings-in-law. That's right, be jealous. The Christmas festivities themselves were a little crazy with a toddler (remember how he was just a little immobile blob last year?!) but Levi loved all the attention and we are thankful to all the uncles, aunts and grandparents and others who helped keep him out of trouble. I hope that your holidays were both fun and restful and that your New Year is off to the best start!

two women with birthday cake - markham lifestyle photography
1 year old baby boy wearing parka and red hat standing in doorway - uxbridge child photographs