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The Sproat Family | Toronto Lifestyle Photographer

I had SO much fun with the Sproat family during the Saturday morning we spent together.  John and Becky welcomed me so warmly into their home, and gave me total freedom to do my thing as I captured all of the antics and fun that unfolded! Jesse and Alexa were silly and adventurous, as you will see from a few of the photos at the park (was I that brave as a child?)!  When we returned back home though, they were kind enough to show me a few of their favourite things.  Alexa loves cats and Jesse loves pugs, and both love Lego!  They also both adore their little white hamster, Fiona, who become quite the star, and actually had some impressive posing skills...although she did poop a lot ;)  Becky and John were also game for a few couples shots which made me very happy!  All-in-all it was everything I hope for in a family session, and as always, an honour to create these memories for them.

family of 4 standing on front of dark home with old doors, mom's arms around 7 year old girl's shoulders, 9 year old boy hugging sister, dad's hand on son smiling at him - Stouffville Lifestyle Photography
family of 4 standing on front of dark coloured home with old doors, mom and and dad tickling 7 year old girl and 9 year old boy as kids try to get away, laughing - Markham Lifestyle Photography
mother and daughter sitting on steps of backyard porch, mom's hugging 7 year old girl's shoulders, girl looking at camera - Stouffville In-Home Photography
9 year old boy sitting between dad's legs as they sit on backyard porch step, dad's arms around son as he tries to escape, both laughing - Markham In-Home Photography
7 year old girl sitting on swing in city park, hair flying in her face as she move backwards, smiling at camera - York Region In-Home Photography
7 year old girl sitting on swing in city park, shot from below as she swings high, feet in air - Newmarket In-Home Photos
9 year old boy in plaid shirt with light brown hair standing on top of jungle gym at park and smiling down at camera - GTA Lifestyle Photos
7 year old girl with light brown hair in dress and fur vest swinging from jungle gym at park, and looking seriously at camera - York Region Lifestyle Photos
7 year old girl and 9 year old boy jumping off tree stumps at park, arms in air, mouths open, smiling, little sister looking at camera - York Region Lifestyle Photos
mom walking down paved path at city park, arms around 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter as they stroll - Newmarket Lifestyle Photography
7 year old girl sitting on bench in mudroom, one knee up, taking of shoes after returning from park, looking at camera - Markham Lifestyle Photos
husband and wife sitting on ground of colourful tile, leaning against white wall, arms linked and holding hands, smiling at one another -  Barrie Lifestyle Photos
James' First Birthday Cake Smash | Aurora Family Photographer

To keep things consistent with my last post, another huge overshare here!  This fun family was getting ready to celebrate their littlest member's first birthday and thought a cake smash and sink bath session would be a great way to start!  Despite the fact that we messed with his nap times a little bit, James was in fine form and was a rockstar when it came to the cake smash.  He wasn't afraid to get his little hands dirty, and definitely ended up with a pretty decent sugar high! And, of course, it goes without saying that a sink bath makes me over the moon happy as a photographer.  It was so fun capturing everyone loving on and celebrating this sweet boy.  Happy first birthday James!

1 year old baby boy with dark hair in white and blue plaid shirt and jeans sitting in mom's lap holding an apple - Barrie Lifestyle Photos
1 year old baby boy with dark hair in white and blue plaid shirt and jeans holding mom and dad's hands as parents help him walk between them in backyard - GTA Lifestyle Photos
1 year old baby boy with dark hair and eyes sitting in kitchen sink getting bath, water running as mom holds son's hand under it - Newmarket Lifestyle Photography
1 year old baby boy with dark hair and eyes sitting in kitchen sink scratching neck as mom gives him a bath - Stouffville Lifestyle Photography
13 year old big brother standing in kitchen holding 1 year old baby boy wearing bath robe and resting head on his shoulder - Stouffville In-Home Photos
dad sitting at kitchen table holding 1 year old baby boy in hooded towel in his lap and feeding him bottle - Markham In-Home Photos
Baby Girl Emma | Toronto Family Photographer

Hello friends!  Things have been a little crazy around here, but I couldn't wait to share this beautiful family with you.  Baby girl Emma surprised her parents, Peter and Madeleine, by showing up several weeks early.  We decided to hold off her newborn session a little while to give them time to settle in, and when I met Emma she was the sweetest, roly-poly 2 month old.  Perfect age for a sink bath, am I right?!  Her big brother was so proud and an excellent assistant to dad during her bath time.  I loved capturing this little routine and now I'm thinking sink baths may need to become a regular part of my sessions...I'm hooked!  I'll leave you to scroll through the images below and trust that you'll feel the love this family has for one another and their sweet new addition!

family of four sitting on bed, 9 year old boy holding 2 month old baby sister in pink onesie as mom and dad snuggled next to them - Barrie Lifestyle Photography
new mom with dark hair in blue chambray dress standing in front of double doors holding and looking at 2 month old baby girl in her arms -  Newmarket In-Home Photography
The Anderson Family | Toronto Family Photographer

I had such a fun morning with this little family of three in their beautiful, bright home.   They were super kind when I was 15 minutes late because I couldn't find their house (my dear friend Google Maps led me astray)!  Matthew found me knocking on the door to the wrong house, where luckily no one was home!   When I finally did arrive I met baby girl Kaya, who is only 6 months old and already sitting and crawling...she was always one the move! Her parents certainly have their hands full with this sweet little lady.  The combo of giant windows and her gorgeous eyes gave us some beautiful images.  Matthew and Vanessa were so full of love for their sweet and spunky daughter, and I just loved capturing these memories for this family. 

dad holding 6 month old baby girl up in the air, kissing her on the cheek - Markham Lifestyle Photos
6 month old baby girl sits in mom's lap on bed, looking at camera - Barrie Lifestyle Photos
6 month old baby girl walking and laughing, holding onto dad's hands - Barrie Lifestyle Photos
6 month old baby girl walking and laughing, holding onto dad's hands - Newmarket Lifestyle Photography
Baby Abdullah's 8 Month Session | Toronto Family Photographer

Brace yourselves, folks.  There is a whole lot of perfect, chubby 8 month squish below this text.  His name is Abdullah, and along with the cutest role-poly little baby bod, he is also sporting a pair of gigantic, expressive brown eyes.  I'm actively holding back from writing all of those adjectives in CAPS LOCK by the way ;) Abdullah and his parents, Daniel and Sadaf, were in Ontario visiting family (they hail from Australia), and wanted to take the time to freeze this adorable and fun stage in their family's life.  Like my Levi, Abdullah is (or hopefully was by now!) a terrible sleeper, so Daniel, Sadaf and I bonded over mutual understanding of the tortures of long term sleep deprivation and I tried to pass on some hope that maybe he will start sleeping at 10 months like Levi did! I had such a fun morning with this laid back and loving family, and I'm now seriously contemplating making 8 month sessions a thing :)   

8 month old baby boy in diaper sitting on bed holding feet, looking sad - Newmarket In-Home Photography
8 month old baby boy in diaper sitting on bed between dad's legs, playing with feet - StouffvilleIn-Home Photography
8 month old baby boy with brown hair and eyes in diaper lying on bed sand playing with feet - Stouffville In-Home Photos
8 month old baby boy with brown hair and eyes in diaper lying on bed, hands folded - Markham In-Home Photos
dad standing, holding and smiling at 8 month old baby boy who is smiling up at the ceiling - Barrie Lifestyle Photography
dad standing, holding and smiling at 8 month old baby boy who is smiling up at the ceiling - Newmarket In-Home Photography
Spring 2017 | Toronto Family Photographer

It's been quite a while since I've posted any personal photos, so here is a little glimpse into our spring!  I haven't felt super motivated to shoot in our home since finishing my 365 in February, but I think the warm weather and spending time outdoors is bringing that desire back to me.  Watching Levi discover all the things the outdoor life has to offer has been a lot of fun, and has also had the added benefit of exhausting him so we are getting some good naps these days!  Also all this humidity is making his curls just amazing!  This spring we celebrated our second Father's and Mother's Days, took Levi bowling for the first time, spent the long weekend at the cottage and (one of us) started falling asleep in strange places.  One of my goals this summer is to learn to do video on my big camera, so stay tuned for some super amateur vides of Levi ;)

Welcome Baby Woodrow! | Toronto Newborn Photographer

Oh heavens.  I apologize in advance because this is a LONG blog post!!! This family allowed me to capture so many beautiful moments that I just couldn't choose.  Between a gorgeous old home, a spunky and fun 2 year old and an incredibly sweet newborn baby boy, this session was what dreams are made of!  Little miss Millie (the cutie in the pigtails) was so much fun to hang out with.  She didn't hesitate to warm right up and enjoy her time in the spotlight, which I think is very evident in the photos of her below!  She was a darling big sister to baby Woodrow, giving him lots of kisses and trying to calm him when he cried.  Woodrow was the most adorable little squish, with plenty baby chub since he arrived 2 weeks past his due date! He slept so well and was such an easy model.  Niki and Chris (parents to the two cuties) were so incredibly kind and seemed to navigate life with two littles with and admirable amount of grace and humour.  If you haven't gotten the gist, I really enjoyed my morning with this family, and I hope you can feel the love they have for one another in these photographs!

2 year old blonde toddler girl in blue dress stands looking at the camera with head tilted - Barrie Lifestyle Family Photography
2 year old blonde toddler girl in dress stands leaning against wall practicing yoga tree pose - Newmarket In-Home Family Photography
Little Miss Lainey | Muskoka Baby Photographer

You know you have a photogenic child on your hands when a 15 minutes session produces basically an entire gallery!  This is what happened when I got the beautiful miss Lainey in front of my lens!  Lainey's mama is my cousin Katelyn (the other beautiful lady in the photos), and we got to see each other for a family baby shower, so we just quickly took a few minutes to do a mini 7 month milestone session for Lainey before the festivities got started.  Honestly, I could have captured this girl all. day. long.  I mean, look at those baby blues!  And that smile! Stop. I can't even handle it.  And this was right before nap time, which as we all know is not when most babies are at their best.  I'll be quiet now and let her sweet face speak for itself.  Scroll all the way down, you won't be disappointed!  Have a happy Friday friends!

6 month old baby girl with blonde hair and blue eyes lying on bed holding feet - Markham Family Lifestyle Photography
6 month old baby girl with blonde hair and blue eyes lying on bed smiling - Barrie Family Lifestyle Photography
mom sitting in chair kisses 6 month old baby girl on cheek - Stouffville Lifestyle Family Photography
mom sitting in chair gets kisses on cheek from 6 month old baby daughter - Markham Lifestyle Family Photography
Baby Girl Caleigh | Markham Family Photographer

I met miss Caleigh when she was 3 months old, and I definitely forgot what a sweet stage this is!  She's as beautiful as baby girls come, with a beautiful head of hair (complete with an endearing little bald spot in the back!), some gorgeous long eyelashes and cheeks for days.  I have to say I have been getting so lucky with all of the older babies I have photographed lately...they've all given me the sweetest sleeping shots, which are much harder to come by once the newborn days pass!  Caleigh was in her Fisher Price lamb swing when I got there, the same one we have, and it brought me back to the days when Levi was tiny enough to fit in his (insert crying emoji).  I never felt like each stage was passing as quickly as it did, and I still find myself thinking that the current stage will be much longer, but it never is!  Natalie and Justin, I hope you treasure these photos of you baby girl and that they will bring you right back to the days of bald spots and chubby cheeks.

3 month old baby girl in blue dress lying on floral blanket looking at camera - Stouffville Lifestyle Photography
3 month old baby girl in blue dress and pink headband lying on floral blanket laughing - Markham Lifestyle Photography
3 month old baby girl looking over father's shoulder at camera - Markham In-Home Photos
3 month old baby girl in blue dress sits in dad's arms, looking at camera - Barrie In-Home Photos
Welcome Baby Celeste! | Toronto Family Photographer

If ever there was a blog post to convince you to have photos taken of your 2 month old baby, this is it!  Little Celeste was so sweet and smiley, gave me some beautiful eye contact and was just a dream all around to photograph.  Seriously such a wonderful age to capture!  Her parents Danielle and Matteo were so fun to work with, and naturals in front of the camera (we know where Celeste got it from!).  Celeste's name was chosen partially because her parent's loved the sound of it in English and Italian, since her daddy is from Italy and it's where her parents met.  I had such an enjoyable afternoon hanging out with this new family and learning their story.  I know Celeste will only add to her parent's already beautiful adventure!

first time mom in flowered kimono holding 2 month old baby girl on shoulder - Barrie Lifestyle Photography
new mother holding and smiling at 2 month old baby daughter - Uxbridge Lifestyle Photography
new parents sit on bed holding 2 month old baby girl in white onesie - Stouffville Lifestyle Photos
new mother holds 2 month old baby daughter in white onesie over shoulder - Markham Lifestyle Photos
first time mother holds 2 month old baby daughter to chest and kisses her head - Uxbridge Lifestyle Photography
family of 3 standing at window, parents holding and smiling at 2 month old baby girl - Newmarket In-Home Photography
Welcome Baby Hunter! | Vaughan Newborn Photographer

Photographing newborn sessions for first time parents is such a special privilege.  To be able to come into their home, witness and capture their first days as parents is an honour.  There is still a lingering sense of disbelief and awe that this is real life!  Jenna and Daniel were so enchanted by their beautiful baby boy, Hunter, and I think he was pretty amazed by them as well!  He spent some time just studying his mama's face at the beginning of our session, and it was the sweetest thing (exploding ovaries over here!).  If you're searching for some nursery inspiration, you need to check out Hunter's...bright and beautiful space with a monochromatic palette and adorable woodland accents. I had so much fun shooting this delightful family in their home and to witness their love for their newest family member.   

monochromatic nursery details, white change table and polka dot wall decals - Markham lifestyle photos
monochromatic black and white nursery details, basket of stuffed toys - Uxbridge lifestyle photos
mom snuggling 2 week old baby boy to chest, kissing his forehead - Newmarket in-home photography
new dad holding and looking at sleeping 2 week old baby boy - Stouffvillein-home photography
The Banting Family | Toronto Family Photographer

You all know how much I love photographing newborns...but I think I equally love the older babies! I met up with Bennett and Jenn and their 5 month old baby girl Bailey on a chilly morning in March to capture some beautiful memories in their home.  Bailey was full of sweet smiles (as well as some drool haha!) and has the most beautiful blue eyes!  Seeing her chewing away on her chubby hands and Sophie the giraffe took brought back so many memories of Levi at this stage.  Her parents just love their little lady to bits and it was an honour to capture this fun stage in Bailey's life for them!