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The Sproat Family | Toronto Lifestyle Photographer

I had SO much fun with the Sproat family during the Saturday morning we spent together.  John and Becky welcomed me so warmly into their home, and gave me total freedom to do my thing as I captured all of the antics and fun that unfolded! Jesse and Alexa were silly and adventurous, as you will see from a few of the photos at the park (was I that brave as a child?)!  When we returned back home though, they were kind enough to show me a few of their favourite things.  Alexa loves cats and Jesse loves pugs, and both love Lego!  They also both adore their little white hamster, Fiona, who become quite the star, and actually had some impressive posing skills...although she did poop a lot ;)  Becky and John were also game for a few couples shots which made me very happy!  All-in-all it was everything I hope for in a family session, and as always, an honour to create these memories for them.

family of 4 standing on front of dark home with old doors, mom's arms around 7 year old girl's shoulders, 9 year old boy hugging sister, dad's hand on son smiling at him - Stouffville Lifestyle Photography
family of 4 standing on front of dark coloured home with old doors, mom and and dad tickling 7 year old girl and 9 year old boy as kids try to get away, laughing - Markham Lifestyle Photography
mother and daughter sitting on steps of backyard porch, mom's hugging 7 year old girl's shoulders, girl looking at camera - Stouffville In-Home Photography
9 year old boy sitting between dad's legs as they sit on backyard porch step, dad's arms around son as he tries to escape, both laughing - Markham In-Home Photography
7 year old girl sitting on swing in city park, hair flying in her face as she move backwards, smiling at camera - York Region In-Home Photography
7 year old girl sitting on swing in city park, shot from below as she swings high, feet in air - Newmarket In-Home Photos
9 year old boy in plaid shirt with light brown hair standing on top of jungle gym at park and smiling down at camera - GTA Lifestyle Photos
7 year old girl with light brown hair in dress and fur vest swinging from jungle gym at park, and looking seriously at camera - York Region Lifestyle Photos
7 year old girl and 9 year old boy jumping off tree stumps at park, arms in air, mouths open, smiling, little sister looking at camera - York Region Lifestyle Photos
mom walking down paved path at city park, arms around 9 year old son and 7 year old daughter as they stroll - Newmarket Lifestyle Photography
7 year old girl sitting on bench in mudroom, one knee up, taking of shoes after returning from park, looking at camera - Markham Lifestyle Photos
husband and wife sitting on ground of colourful tile, leaning against white wall, arms linked and holding hands, smiling at one another -  Barrie Lifestyle Photos
Welcome Baby Woodrow! | Toronto Newborn Photographer

Oh heavens.  I apologize in advance because this is a LONG blog post!!! This family allowed me to capture so many beautiful moments that I just couldn't choose.  Between a gorgeous old home, a spunky and fun 2 year old and an incredibly sweet newborn baby boy, this session was what dreams are made of!  Little miss Millie (the cutie in the pigtails) was so much fun to hang out with.  She didn't hesitate to warm right up and enjoy her time in the spotlight, which I think is very evident in the photos of her below!  She was a darling big sister to baby Woodrow, giving him lots of kisses and trying to calm him when he cried.  Woodrow was the most adorable little squish, with plenty baby chub since he arrived 2 weeks past his due date! He slept so well and was such an easy model.  Niki and Chris (parents to the two cuties) were so incredibly kind and seemed to navigate life with two littles with and admirable amount of grace and humour.  If you haven't gotten the gist, I really enjoyed my morning with this family, and I hope you can feel the love they have for one another in these photographs!

2 year old blonde toddler girl in blue dress stands looking at the camera with head tilted - Barrie Lifestyle Family Photography
2 year old blonde toddler girl in dress stands leaning against wall practicing yoga tree pose - Newmarket In-Home Family Photography
The DeKoning Family | Toronto Family Photographer

It was a grey foggy morning when I pulled up to this family's home after a bit of a sketchy drive (because of the fog, not my driving skills!).  But as you can see there was nothing grey or dreary going on once I walked through the door!  I was greeted with so much warmth by Kassandra and Brent, as well as by the littlest cutie who was running around sans pants! Both boys totally ignored my camera which was a real treat, and we captured some beautiful, candid memories of them enjoying time together, with their parents and destroying a beautiful cheese board.  There was also a very patient kitty thrown into the mix somewhere.  It would be crime for me not to mention their gorgeous was the perfect setting for an in-home family session and I will be stalking Kassandra's beautiful blog, Little DeKonings, for decor inspiration for many years to come!  If anyone has any suggestions for how to convince my husband to redecorate our entire home, please send them my way ;)

Cozy In-Home Lifestyle Session | Toronto Family Photographer

Are you feeling it yet? That sense of impending doom when you realize that winter is really just beginning and is going to last foreverrrrr?! Well friends, fear not, because this family is going to show you how properly handle a freezing cold Saturday morning in the comfort of your own home. That's right, don your sweats and some cozy socks, break out an elmo snack catcher, cuddle up with your favourite people (and pets) and you're good to go!  If your favourite people are a squishy baby boy and a sweet-as-can-be toddler, even better.  Seriously though, Vanessa and Scott have the sweetest little guys and were the warmest and kindest people you could ask to spend a freezing cold Saturday morning with!  Here's to hoping the rest of the winter's in-home family sessions are this cozy! Keep warm friends :)