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Project 366 | January and a little February

Here you have it folks! The last few weeks of my Project 366.  I kind of stuttered through the last month, rather than finishing strong, but such is life, and I'm still proud that I completed it! I'm not sure what I'll do now.  I like the feeling of not having to force myself to come up with a new idea every day, so I am going to enjoy shooting our life only when I feel inspired for a little while.  I'm thinking that I may do another daily shooting project for the 100 days of summer, but we shall see!  To any who have cared enough to follow along, thank you! I enjoy sharing my work and have seen so much growth in my art over the past 12 months.  Now please brace yourselves...there is a lot of Levi happening in this post!

Project 365 - Newmarket lifestyle photography
Project 365 - Newmarket lifestyle photography
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Coffee Cake | Recipes

I'll be honest, this week is off to a bit of a rough start.  Apparently we have entered the season of temper tantrums and Levi is bringing them full force! So in the age-old tradition of stress eating I ate a well-rounded breakfast of M&Ms and leftover pizza this morning.  In case maybe your week needs a little pick-me-up too (and if you don't have a 1 kilo bag of M&Ms in your cupboard), here is my favourite recipe for you.  It is seriously the best cake ever...everyone who has ever tasted it raves about it.  I wish I could take credit for thinking this recipe up, but I got it from my mom and its origins prior to that are unknown! The best part about this cake is that it makes a bundt pan AND a loaf pan from one recipe, so if you make it to give to someone, or take it somewhere you still have a little loaf to eat yourself!

- 1 cup butter
- 2 cup sugar
- 2 eggs
- 1 tsp vanilla
- 2 1/2 cup mashed bananas (~6, I never measure!)
- 3 cups flour
- 2 tsp baking powder
- 2 tsp baking soda
- 1 cup sour cream
- 1 tsp cinnamon
- 1/2 cup brown sugar
- 1 package milk chocolate chips

- Cream butter & sugar
- Add vanilla & beaten eggs, then bananas
- Combine dry ingredients, except cinnamon & brown sugar
- Add dry ingredients to wet, alternating with sour cream, ending with dry (in other words, mix in    
  1/3 dry, 1/2 sour cream, 1/3 dry, 1/2 sour cream, 1/3 dry)
- Pour 1/2 batter into bundt & loaf pans
- Mix cinnamon & brown sugar & pour 1/2 over batter in pans, then pour 1/2 chocolate chips over
-Repeat layers
- Bake at 350F for 45-50 minutes