Project 366 | April 5 - 11


April 5th - Who knew anyone could love peas so much?!

April 6th - Making baby food...I am definitely the slowest peeler in the world (as my mom has always kindly pointed out), so this mess took me a while to make!

April 7th - When you can finally reach your feet!

April 8th - Getting me through the nap-less days.

April 9th - Celebrating the lovely bride-to-be Emily this past cousin Dion is a lucky guy!

April 10th - We have been battling some crazy sleep issues with this little guy these past few months.  The most recent addition to the long list is refusing to nap.  Lack of sleep doesn't seem to bother him...wish he could share some of his energy with me!

April 11th - Finally stocked the freezer with some of my favourite breakfast cookies.  If you want to try them, here's the recipe.

During this project I am participating in a blog circle with a several other incredibly talented photographers.  Check out Channon's beautiful work this week!