Welcome Baby Cara! | Stouffville Newborn Photographer

The day of sweet Cara's newborn session there was a massive downpour and heavy cloud cover, but walking into this new family's bright and beautiful home, I knew the dark weather wasn't going to be an issue!  Allana and Andrew designed Cara the most gorgeous neutral nursery which we spent a lot of time in capturing snuggles with both her parents plus a few shots of big fur-brother Winston along the way.  One of the highlights of the session, for me at least, was that Andrew ate like half the box of cookies that I brought during our session, so I'm feeling super confident in my baking skills as a result haha!  Or maybe they were just short on groceries, but I'm choosing to take it as a compliment either way ;) Miss Cara was a sweet pea and was happiest snuggled up on her mama's chest in a swaddle.  She snoozed away until we tried to take her swaddle of, which she was not a fan of at all!  So, of course, baby runs the show and we swaddled that girl right back up and she was a doll for the rest of the session.  Wishing this lovely family all the blessings as they enjoy life with their little lady!

gender neutral nursery details, grey crib - Markham in-home photography
new mother snuggles sleeping, swaddled 2 week old baby daughter to chest - Stouffville Lifestyle Photography